Using Faux Brick Panels to Embellish the Home

Having exposed brick in your home has started to become a design element that is very chic. This design is inspired by the different industrial and urban looks of apartments, lofts, neighborhood dining, converted warehouse spaces and even historical buildings of New York City. When someone is looking for that look in their home but there are no rustic brick walls to be found behind the plaster or the drywall, that look can still be achieved inexpensively with faux brick panels. This trick is easily a do-it-yourself project that will save loads of money instead of hiring someone for the same look.
Faux Brick Applications
Faux brick panels are made many different ways. Sometimes the panels are made from cement that has been formed into molds that are made from real bricks to help give it an authentic textured look. Others are made from actual clay brick so that it can provide the same exact look as well as feel of real brick. You can also find real brick that has been cut into thin tiles. Clay brick as well as cement molds are the most lightweight option. When going the real brick route, this has to be applied over plywood before being placed on the wall.
Architectural Accents
You can bring attention to whatever you would like, such as your fireplace, with this faux brick. It will add a rustic look and feel to a more modern piece. When you want to emphasize the height of a tall wall in your place, the brick can be taken all the way to the ceiling. It can also be used to create the impression of having tall walls. Use it to give the home an added curb appeal by placing it outside, as well. There are many options when using faux bricks.
Embellishing Faux Brick
When the texture of a brick wall is loved the a more contemporary look is what is preferred, the faux brick can even be painted to more suit the decor of the room. When going this route, make sure that a latex primer is used first. This will ensure that you have good coverage and that the paint will have good adhesion to the faux brick. When you want to provide a cleaner and a more updated look, go with different shades of either white or gray. If you are more into the hip and modern looks, then a bold and bright color such as turquoise, a sunny yellow or coral is the way to go! A whitewash finish can be given to the faux paneling when you paint the grout lines with a white primer, as well. Then once the primer dries, put a small amount of a white paint of your choosing onto a dry brush then wipe most of it off. Once that is done, lightly feather the paint all across your paneling. A spray bottle that is filled with water can be used to help even out the thicker spots or if you wish you can use a 220 grit sandpaper once the paint has had time to completely dry. Make sure to practice different painting techniques on a spare panel before doing it on your actual panels for your home! This will help to ensure you don’t mess it up permanently.



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